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Sawhorse Design & Build is poised to help you create your desired end-product.

Sawhorse has services to assist you in many ways. Our full service process will guide you through phases where you will collaboratively work with sawhorse to design, cost, engineer, and create your project. We also offer services where clients can determine exactly the capacity they want Sawhorse to be involved in the design and construction of their project.  Not everyone requires full service.

Whether you want help with design, costing, engineering, blueprint construction, or all of the above, we are here to help. Just remember that the best projects start out with the best design, so do not hesitate to call or e-mail us with your needs.

Are you considering renovation of a:

Indeed. Residential renovation and remodel today are a growing trend in homeowner satisfaction. What cannot be accomplished in-house will easily be resolved by partnering with multiple choices of businesses, individuals, professionals and sub contractors with whom we endeavor to create long and mutually beneficial relationships through alignments of our collective interests; our clients end-result.

Sawhorse offers an up-front preliminary budget that can be tweaked by the homeowner prior to the project start date. Contractor and Homeowner are always on the same page.


Once the contract is set, homeowners are in the know of their budget to shop from. It is far and few between to find a remodel contractor that spells it out so clearly. This greatly reduces the opportunities for cost overruns and that old construction standby: the change order.


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