Things to Consider ​Before ​ Renovating, 2/5: DIY Or Not To DIY?

DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) OR NO DIY: You’ve decided “Where To Begin.” That’s helped you wrap your hands around some or all of the reasons you will make renovations to your home. The next big question you’ll need to answer is whether to do it yourself or if you’ll hire a contractor to turn your designs into your dream dwelling. Progressing from an idea to sketch to a sturdy, reliable structure is your goal. If you’re a craftsperson and a veteran of DIY projects, you might be well-suited to expand your living, bathroom or nursery. If so, you might be able to make the changes to your home yourself.

NO DIY: If you’re capable of doing the construction work yourself, you might be surprised that you’ve hesitated to start your project alone. Why the reluctance? It might be as simple as your realizing that your ambitious plans reach beyond your personal bounds of available time, building codes or safety or depth of expertise. Let’s look at each of these a little fit further. Time and Dust In most every culture, there’s an applicable proverb that addresses the challenges of undertaking a project at home. One imparts the wisdom that a blacksmith’s home only has wooden spoons. Another that a plumber’s house always has a dripping tap. Or perhaps the most familiar that a cobbler’s children haves no shoes. As humorous as each of them might be in a colloquial sense, the point is that even though you have the skill and expertise to address the project at hand, the practical demands of life often make it difficult to start and finish undertakings at home. Not impossible, just more challenging and inconvenient. Your spouse might want the project completed with a more certain timeline than you can expect from a trusted contractor.

Building Codes/structural/electrical/plumbing/materials: Another reason might be what’s required to add that new kitchen or modern home office. From the additional pipework that a plumber needs to install in your new commercial kitchen involves a specification covered by a local ordinance. Similarly, raising the roof and wiring the new recording studio in your office must be up to code. As you explore the “to DIY or no DIY” dilemma, this equation will enter.