Things to Consider ​Before ​ Renovating,1/5: Where to Begin

You’re ready to begin. Whether you call it remodeling or renovation, you’ve decided to make big changes to one of your largest investments – your home. Choosing where to start might seem like a monumental task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Begin with taking a close look at the types of changes that sparked your decision to update your home. For instance, one method could be to separate your starting points into three categories: Space. Style and Function.

Although your future plans may include each of these categories or just one of them – dividing them into three areas will allow you to distinguish their distinct purposes you can see easily wrap your mind around. With these starting points, create a physical or online bin to record and store your answers for your mental inventory. If you’re working with a partner, consider dividing the work up even further. Perhaps one of you takes notes, while the other takes a video of your areas of focus.

The inventory you take will help you place priorities and will guide the design directions you later take. Consider these things: Space – Will your remodeling be inside or outside? What parts of your home will be changed and why? Living areas? Sleeping quarters? Kitchen or bath? Are the areas you need to enlarge to accommodate your growing family or the need to support guests?

Style – Are you looking to update your home to modernize it or to accommodate a different era or design theme you were inspired by? Function: Would you like to make changes to the home to accommodate a home office or a commercial kitchen? Do you need a basement, game room, mother-in-law cottage?